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Nissan Qashqai Pre-Launch Dealer Visit Programme

Building on the practical knowledge gained from a similar programme with Micra C+C, Trackwork Automotive Events provided a national team of product trained specialists to spend one evening at each dealer within the network to offer a "sneak preview" of the exciting new Qashqai to selected customers generated either by the dealer or by "handraisers" generated from a Nissan national database.

As this was a pre-training programme, links with Nissan HQ and the Sunderland factory engineers was paramount in building a knowledge base for our staff. Our intranet service was a vital ingredient in sharing knowledge with all concerned.

The sheer enthusiasm and product knowledge of our staff convinced a substantial number of prospects to leave deposits for vehicles, despite an order book not officially being open! Consequently, when launched, sales for Qashqai hit the ground running, which is exactly what the programme was designed to do.

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