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"Cartalk" Intervehicle Communication Systems

Introduced by ourselves to the UK in 1994, this powerful one-way transmission system is capable of employing an individual vehicle’s ICE system as part of its working features. The system is now accepted as an essential educational tool during dealer training test drive appraisal.

Keypad Response

No more test drive assessment forms to enter or collate.
This is a simple hand portable operating device used by the passenger or the driver when stopped. The sophisticated software package allows clients to model responses according to the data required.


Trackwork Automotive Events are approved agents for this product.
"Autoguide" is the original and most accurate "guide and train" system available.
It is one technology step further on from "Cartalk". Autoguide transmits pre-recorded speech (in any language) linked to a specifically researched route. The combination operates completely separately from the individual car’s own navigation system (whether fitted or not) and is completely non-invasive to install.

The Drivetrain Roller System

The Drivetrain Roller System (DRS) offers a simple yet dramatic explanation of how modern drivetrains generate traction.

By progressively inducing wheelspin at various wheel combinations, the DRS can determine the relationship and interdependency of :

 » On demand or full time 4WD operation.
 » Free or locked differentials.
 » Electronic or "active brake" limited slip differentials.
 » ESC* activated traction control

*ESC Electronic Stability Control. (Thatcham generic term)

The DRS is fully adjustable to suit any vehicle's track and wheelbase. In order to challenge any longitudinal traction operating system, the friction-free "anti slew" rollers and grip pads are also multi adjustable.

Performance Measurement

We use highly accurate "GPS" based "Doppler" technology for measurement of speed, acceleration and lateral "G".

Intranet Communication

Whenever we have a team on the road, they, the client and ourselves need to be in constant communication with each other. We do this by providing a password verified intranet service for projects that require them. A simple but highly effective communication tool.

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